Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some Things

Just a few quick things;

  1. I am back from Egypt
  2. I put a new set of links up on the left side of the blog title "Upcoming Shows" which are the next bands/musicians I will be seeing. Seeing as how I always have show to go to I figured it would be something interesting to put up there. The name will probably change in the next couple of days, I just can not think of anything right now.
  3. I'll write something about Egypt in the coming days, I just have a lot of work hours scheduled and a bunch of school work to catch up on so just bear with me.

Can't believe I forgot this one, was the whole reason I was writing this post in the first place: Because I don't post everyday but the Little Grumblings are released nightly that means occasionally you get back to back posts of Little Grumblings. So to remedy this I have decided to combine any Little Grumblings posts that end up going back to back (2 or more in a row). If you use RSS I apologize that you get so many posts from me, I apologize even more if you have my RSS and follow me on Twitter. Sorry.

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