Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mongolian OCD

I have somehow over the past few weeks embraced my inner prep cook and started doing things like this; cutting and measuring out every part of the Mongolian Beef dish I am going to make for dinner tonight (which I am convinced was created by someone working for the Beef industry who needed a reason to get rid of flank steak which is 33% fat). It may have something to do with working in a kitchen or being hungry or my need to be organized or finding myself wanting to cook dinner but having to wait for Katy to come home in order to do it. Either way I'm some where between a Chef and the manly version of a house wife, I can't decide.

And yes if you click the picture it is a full res JPEG. I know how to shrink it, yet I don't care. That goes for you people with 56k, I just do not care that it may take you 3 minutes to load that picture, upgrade or move.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pedestrians ‡ Bikes | Cars || Cars | Bikes ‡ Pedestrians

Regardless of what Dennis said on last week's It's Always Sunny (great show by the way, if not completely pointless) no you should not ride your bike on the side walk because it is in fact against the law, and your doing so may result in me slashing your bike tires (or a donut thrown at your chest from a speeding vehicle, oh it could happen to you).

You only think I'm joking.

The older I get the better off the world is that I did not go to school to become a cop or there would be a surge in bikers being ticketed and smokers getting random tickets for littering, disturbing the peace, and loitering.

Yet I guess if you are afraid of getting hit by a car (or by a beer bottle) you should probably ride on the sidewalk when it comes to busy streets. Though I am ethically opposed to it I guess it can be excused in the name of less dead bikers.

That is unless you are riding over the Mass Ave Bridge where you don't in fact
have to ride on the sidewalk. Why you ask? Because believe it or not there is a dedicated fucking bike lane! No I can assure you it is not for Smart Cars, its made so people like you don't have to choose between being killed by a car or killing a pedestrian. Consider yourself educated