Friday, January 23, 2009

What I Just Read: Post Office

Yeah I know, that was quick, but it is a testament to how much I really like a good book. I'm not saying that Lennon is a bad book but it could stand to lose a little wait. Anyway onward with the review!

Kurt Vonnegut with hang over, that is how Bukowski writes. Strip away the goofy foolish parts of Vonnegut's books and you are left with a dry and biting sarcasm, Bukowski has that but he also had 6 pack and half a handle of whiskey the night before writing it.

Post Office is a novel about a hard drinking, sleep deprived, gambling, low life womanizer who just seems to roll with what life throws at him. Bukowski, of poetic fame (which means the prose flows that much better), writes post office in six major parts broken down into chapters that range from 1/4 of a page to 4 full pages, with each chapter having a type of finality to it. The book took me know time to read because every time I finished a chapter I moved onto the next and then the next and then the next.

All in all I loved the book, as of right now one of my favorites just because it was very fun to read and was straight forward with its point, Charles Bukowski is a sleazy old man who loves alcohol and a nice pair of legs (and ass and boobs). This Sunday I plan on picking up Women because it's Steve's favorite Bukowski book and I can only imagine how it will read.

As for the next book added to the list, it might be White Tiger or I may simply wait until Sunday and start up with Women, regardless I plan on finishing Post American World for class before I start anything new.

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