Monday, January 19, 2009

What I am Reading: Post Office

Yes dear readers I did it again, I have cheated you, I started reading yet another book. I know I just posted two days ago about a book I was reading on top of the other two books I am reading, and yes the shame is getting to me. But not enough that I won't start another book! Armed with a $50 gift card from Borders (it only cost me $2300 on my credit card to get it) I went in to work determined to buy new books (even though I am reading three and have plenty I could read). I decided on White Tiger by Aravind Adiga because it has been recommended to me about 17 times now as well as Shakespeare's Julius Caeser because I am re-watching Rome with Katy. All good choices I think, but we'll see.

The third book I purchased, and the one I am reading now, is Post Office by Charles Bukowski. Now my logic for purchasing this book goes like this; there is a bar that I frequent down the street called Bukowski's which is dedicated, as the name indicates to Charles Bukowski. As well as the bar there is the fact that all his books have amazing covers, and me being a stickler for a good cover figure I should give one a try, so I pulled Post Office off the shelf (should be noted that Please Mr. Postman was playing all day at work, may or may not have factored into my decision). As I was making my decision on what three books to buy (I puled down like five other books which will go unnamed so no one can second guess my final choices, yeah I said it) Steve comes over and tells me "Charles Bukowski is one of my favorite authors." Why? "Because he is the dirtiest old man there is." That sold me and clearly means I have the right to start reading Post Office (and probably all his other books because so far it is a riot) before I finish my other three books.

Get over it, I'll read them eventually.

I have since finished this book, read the review here

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