Monday, March 9, 2009

What I Just Read: The Corrections

For the judging of the book by it's cover look here.

There is a reason why (with the exception of Harry Potter and the LOTR trilogy) most books over a few hundred pages can never be brought to the big screen as good as they would be. The Corrections is one of them, though I can plenty of scenes in my minds eye the length of the book could never be captured in a 100 - 150 minute film, much to the dismay of my longing for a visualization of all things Lithuanian.

This book is about a family waiting for a set of "Corrections" that are decades in the making, and in the meantime Jonathan Franzen takes you inside each characters thought process while taking pages to describe menial tasks like retrieving the mail.

Though long, some times painstakingly slow in parts (naturally having 5 narrators will lead you to want one story over another) and overall slightly depressing, The Corrections is a fun book that will have you wishing your brain could process words faster because you want to understand things quicker.

Basically: Good book, I want to convince a movie studio to do just the Lithuanian parts of the book, finished this a week later than I wanted, still a great cover though slightly warn now, will be reading this book and this book for the remainder of the trip and possibly (hopefully) some of this man's work.

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  1. Aren't you in Egypt or something? Shouldn't you be riding camels in your afternoons instead of keeping your nose a book?