Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today's Hefty Helping of Little Grumblings

As always, the ones that weren't witty, are the ones I didn't write.
  • You know what felt nice? Not being accosted by a mob of Egyptians the second I set foot on the curb.
  • To whoever left a Heineken light in my fridge, it has since been drank.
  • Completely oblivious that today was St. Patricks day, that is until I got off at Park Street.
  • And yes Kevin Patrick Doyle wore no green whatsoever today.
  • I have now been awake for 24 hours.
  • That's funny there is a frozen $100 bill in my freezer, I wonder who did that......coughdanielcough.
  • Donkey ride!
  • And with that our donkeys are waiting outside a good 20 minutes early. I should not have shaved last night.
  • Aparently I have been using leave in conditioner as hand soap for the past 2 weeks. Expensive leave in conditioner according to Katy.
  • Final Verdict: Donkeys are more like Eeyore than they are like Eddie Murphy from Shrek.
  • Though Eddie Murphy in real life is more of an ass than both of them combined. Zing!
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