Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I Am Reading: The Corrections

This beast of a book has since been finished, for the review (if one could call my blathering a review) can be found here.

Well I'm reading The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen because Katy's friend Doug said that Katy had to read this before she went to Egypt. She did, but then the trip got postponed, and Katy thinks I should read it. So I am. On the plane to Egypt. 566 pages in 16 hours of travel time. I think it's doable (and then I will probably read either Ham on Rye or Homage to Catalonia for the remainder of the flight). So expect a What I Just Read as soon as I land

On to the cover!

First off, Burnt Orange is an under appreciated color when it comes to cover text (nice pairing with white and black btw), publishers take note. Second the fact that the title slants upward even though the authors name (which is two times the size of the title mind you!) does not is great, only proved greater because the "A Novel" text which is over the picture is also slanted. The sliced in half picture of Thanksgiving is very cool, mostly because it draws you to the quizzical look of the boy in the corner of the picture (who is well placed on the spine with the the same same slanted title).

Final Verdict: Though the cover would call for a face out by yours truly at Borders the equal beauty of the spine will leave it untouched for the time being.

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