Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey I'm Nice! Sort of....

I would like to take a moment to address the questions pertaining to the ability of myself, The Underling, to be a pleasant and complimentary individual to people other than myself. I will have you know that people love me, granted that our relationship lasts less than 5 minutes (a time frame that I am aware of prior to the relationship). So it comes down to a simple formula:

Duration of relationship < 5 minutes (insert three dotted triangle that means therefore here) The Underling = Kind


  1. I really like the label on this post.

    I guess Katy is the exception to your little formula there.

  2. I assume another exception is the guy who wanted your seat in class yesterday but that can obviously be excused.

  3. I'd like to note that I am the one who realized Kevin's pattern of being nice on relationships under five minutes. Children on the T really reap the benefits of this Kevin Trait.