Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things I Find Odd: Clapping

I'm sorry but I can not help but give you new feature after new feature. So here is a new feature! These will vary in sizes, this one is particularly short.

Things I Find Odd!


Why do we clap? Why don't we stamp more? why don't we all whistle? What made clapping, or applauding, the popular way of showing appreciation?

When ever I am in a big group or audience and clapping starts up I am left wondering what an alien race, had they been there, would think. Would they take it as a sign of appreciation like we do? Or would they think we are fucking nuts and abandon are planet?

I mean when I clap in front of the cat she bolts off (to be fair she runs away from me pretty much after I do anything but that's neither here nor there) why is it universally known that when we clap we are saying "Good job you!"? Why isn't the first thing we think of "I am going to be slapped!!!!"? Humans are weird.

Oh and even if many of you try to refute you since Mumkin is on my side then I have all the animals of the world on my side. Well maybe not Apes, depends on how far back clapping goes.


  1. I was going to refute you, but then I read "Or would they think we are fucking nuts and abandon are planet?". In read fucking as the verb, so I was like "Why on earth would they think that's what clapping is!?"

    So because of my stupidity and exhaustion I don't get to refute you.

  2. As I hope you recall from the hockey game, Patrick and I are giving up clapping. From now on when everyone claps we will thrust one hand into the air repeatedly. Especially if my other hand is being used to hold a drink

  3. air fist thrusting is the way of the future... afrusting...