Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Easy (but probably not probable) Being Green:The Revolving Door

In this time of high energy consumption as well as high prices the Underling has taken it upon himself to think of new ways of creating energy. The Underling must admit that none of the following ideas have been researched, there has been no cost benefit analysis done, and no physics have been thought through. What he means to say is, they may just not be feasible, but regardless of that fact they will foment discussion and may lead to the titans of government (We here at Grumbling are convinced that one of our five readers is either Barack Obama or Rham Emanuel, I am convinced of this and you can not prove to me otherwise) adopting something similar. That being said these are just crazy ideas that the Underling feels he must publish and will do so in a new feature we are calling "It's Easy (but probably not probable) Being Green".

The Revolving Door.

A Quick Note: If you have found this on google by typing in "Kevin Doyle Green Energy" then I must inform you that you have found the wrong Kevin Doyle. That Kevin Doyle actually has the middle initial "L" and his gmail also carries that letter between his name unlike mine which does not. I get far too many emails directed towards him.

And if you are looking for an Irish soccer player then just google image search "Kevin Doyle" and you will find what you are looking for.

Moving on!

You all know the revolving door and you all were either excited to see one in your early years or frightened to death by the prospect of getting stuck inside one forever. Whatever your fancy for revolving doors may be you had to have wondered like I did, why don't they have turbines on top of those things? I know right? If we had every one of the (I would have used the number of revolving doors in the US here but I couldn't find it but I did find this in use a lot) revolving doors in the US configured with a turbine we could power (I would need to understand physics as well as the average use of a revolving door to compute this but alas I don't try when it comes to proving my theories) homes in the US. Mr. Obama make this happen!

Here, for those of you who have no idea how a revolving door works, is a diagram of how to operate a revolving door.

Next week! The underackngowledged ability to derive power from headlights by squinting your eyes! Stay tuned!

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  1. His name is spelled "Rahm" and I'm pointing this out not to be a dick but to warn you. Because if Rahm really is reading your blog he'll probably stab you for spelling his name wrong.

    I like the revolving door/turbine idea. One of my friend's insisted that revolving doors help maintain an appropriate air pressure in the building and that without them buildings would collapse. All logical arguments I threw her way failed to dissuade her from this theory.