Sunday, January 4, 2009

Old Computer + Free Internet = Endless Possibilities

It is said that one does their best thinking while in the shower, I am now one to agree with that statement, and you my dear readers will benefit from todays shower for weeks to come.

Daniel has been suffering from his Mac conversion for about a month now, and in the past days it has morphed into something much more deadly and disturbing; a Mac-Torrent problem with a side of Comcastarits. We have discussed many remedies but none of them are feasible.

What I am now going to propose is the nuclear option, one that I think will become a popular one in these days of bandwidth limiting, RIAA, high energy prices, and old computers. What is needed is an old computer (preferably one with wireless) and access to a free internet connection (preferably a College one because they won't prosecute). You also must be prepared for the event that this machine is never recovered.

What you do is find a good hiding place for the machine on campus, set up the machine, hook it up to the internet, set up the torrents and walk away. You are using the school's bandwidth, the schools electricity and have no way to trace it back to you if you wipe the computer clean enough.

If your expertise are good enough you could try to access the computer remotely and control it away from the hiding spot, so you don't have to ever go back accept to load some torrents on the machine and possibly turn it back on again.

Now some one try this and get back to me!


  1. I'm so happy to know you think about me in the shower Kevin. I would not say that I have been suffering with my mac conversion.

    I could always use my desktop at home as a makeshift seedbox but I have to limit the upload speed to 15kb/sec or it slows down the connection for everyone else.

  2. You should see what my friend snipe has in his room. He basically created a satellite to steal internet from the neighborhood using wires and a pasta strainer. He only uses it when he wants to download torrents so he doesn't slow down the house internet.