Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where are we going and how do I get off this thing?

As many of you (or few) have noticed there really is no direction to this blog anymore. It started off as a way to vent about frustrations as a bottom feeder of the corporate, governmental, and scholarly fields that I find myself in, which it still is. But as of late it has taken many goofy and, one might even call, entertaining turns. I apologize if you if you came to this blog to find serious discussions about everyday problems. I have tried that before and sadly I come off like every other blow hard out there and to tell you the truth there isn't much fun in being a whiny bitch. What you have gotten instead is me (Hooray!) the goofy, socially awkward and sarcastic 22 year old (oh so young!) who has a slight obsession with Coke.

As far as the future of the blog goes, expect plenty of goofy Kevin things (imagine me dancing in your minds eye, it's OK you can laugh out loud) and maybe a serious thought or two mixed in.


  1. I felt the same indecisiveness when I wanted to start to blog again (hence this entry All you can do is be yourself...and perhaps change your title.

  2. I like the title because it amuses me when Kevin refers to himself in the third person as the Underling.