Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Very Scata Christmas

Sorry for the delay but here is Christmas as I have seen it.

Before I present to you my latest piece of work I would like to say that I told you so. As the poet (yes, yes I am) I chose a slightly unorthodox style of rhyming occasionally, and poorly at that.

Oh Sweet Christmas.
Oh Sweet Jesus!
What have we here?
Is it good cheer?
Or just too much beer?
But it can not be!
Drink she does not.
But she is getting quite hot!
The words are flying.
And look here at Jess crying!
And all because of some lying.
And there goes an F shaped bomb!
And another!
The peanut gallery chimes in!
And with that Judy joins the fray.
More shouting
More pouting
Chairs overturn.
Doors slam.
Arguments splinter into more arguments.
Fighting between people who have no quarrel.
Opinions galore.
Oh what a bore.
I mean really it's her life,
Her strife.
She doesn't listen.
Why not just leave it.
Doors open.
Hushed talking.
Playful goading.
And it's just another Scata Christmas.

My favorite part of the whole day (that and my father shouting commentary on the whole thing from the living room) is when I was trying to entertain my little cousin while this was all going on and he suddenly looks right at me and says, "You know you don't have to play with me, you can go in the other room." As if he read my mind.

Attached are two goofy pictures of my cousins for your pleasure.

Good clean Coke loving fun!

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