Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Underlings Guide to the ABC's - Hh

Another day, another new feature. I'm sorry my dear readers for putting all these features on you. I'm going to slow down eventually, make some of the features staples, some of them will fade out, maybe stick to a schedule. We'll see, but for now random acts of grumbling will continue. Onward!

We are calling it (queue Carl Kassel's voice) "The Underlings Guide to the ABC's". It is quite simple really, I pick a letter and tell you the definition. They will be short to start, they might get longer.

First up the Letter H!

The sideways I and the tall n. It seems like it does not have its own identity. Socially awkward? A difficult time holding his own with the rest of the crowd?
I myself do not have an h in my name, could have done with one though. A humble guy h is, no loner though, can be found hanging out with s and c and a vowel or two.

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