Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I Am Reading: A Farewell to Arms

Eh it was ok, review here.

Not to be confused with Hemenway St. Ernest Hemingway is the author of small book we all know and claim as one of the best books we read in High School (judging by the size it's hard to see why that is) that book being The Old Man and the Sea.

Surprisingly that is not the only book Mr. Hemingway wrote, there appears to be countless others since and before then. One of which I happen to be reading now, A Farewell to Arms which takes place during World War I which was ironically known as "The War to end all Wars." You didn't really need to know that, I just thought you might enjoy it. If you didn't then you probably should not be reading this blog, it's full of useless things like that.

Before we get to the cover I would like to point out ways that Hemingway is connected to my life:
  • He is Katy's favorite author (A Farewell to Arms is also her favorite book) which only perpetuates her fascination with creepy old men. I still don't quite understand why she likes me though.
  • My cat is known as a Hemingway cat because of her extra toes, a type of cat that can only be found in Key West, New England and parts of Europe. All places Hemingway spent time drinking, enjoying the company of many women, writing and apparently breeding 6 toed cats.
There is not one Hemingway book in print that has a good cover. I implore you to find one, and if you can't I beg you to make one and break a few copyright laws in the process.


  1. Kevin, again: you are a creepy old man in the making. Your favorite song in high school was Sex and Candy, you love Bukowski, you enjoy Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen, after reading Lolita you immediately went out and bought another book by Nabokov, you enjoy sitting alone in a bar drinking in the middle of the day... and these are only your minor offenses towards a future of creepdom.

  2. I completely agree that there are no Hemingway books with good covers. I'm not as big on book covers as you are but the graphics on the Hemingway books are just terrible.