Friday, April 3, 2009

This Weeks Hefty Helping of Little Grumblings

Here is this weeks hefty helping of Little Grumblings, enjoy. And as always the ones that are not witty I did not write.
  • Why I don't follow NCAA Basketball; because I end up getting hit in the head with a ball while checking scores. I knew there was a reason.
  • 4 shifts left.
  • Borders Gift to our troops: Have people buy bags of coffee for $10 then donate it to the troops for a free drink in the cafe. So glad I quit
  • I just bought a coke and upon taking a sip I realized it was coke zero. Balls.
  • 3 shifts left
  • I look ridiculous: Hoody, windbreaker, sweatpants, and sandals. However it seems appropriate in Boston.
  • Jens Lekman will be touring the US this year. Looks like I won't have to be traveling to Iceland after all...
  • 2 shifts left
  • OK NYT I get it you have a global edition now get rid of that stupid yellow banner at the top.
  • There are 5 classes left in Contemporary Black Politics and we just started talking about contemporary black politics. Beyond frustrated.
  • I have heard Ents referenced in class twice today.
  • Hitting shuffle on a 112 GB music library can create some interesting back to back combinations. Example: DMX & Bright Eyes. Tour? No?
  • I just got a an online security question that prompted me to enter "Army" and "Tillman" into the same box. Speechless.
  • I would like to replace "Speechless" in my last tweet with "Flabbergasted". Thank you.
  • I like how my letting the hairdresser put product in my hair made her visibly giddy. All I could think about was washing it out 15 min later
  • NU Moron: "I thought it was time" Barber: "Time to razor half your hair and leave the top untouched? How could it ever be time for that?"
  • Dear Mr. Chavez: Defending a homicidal maniac by calling your nemesis a homicidal maniac does not count as an argument.
  • I thought it was a well known fact that dirty hippies use a specific body wash to get that scent of BO and Weed. @LucyFitzgerald
  • Is it dirty or would they just consider it the natural state of man; drunk, high, a potent smell and endless jamming? @LucyFitzgerald
  • I think I should stop before I go and delete my whole blog by accident. No you can't convince me to to stay, I see your real motives.
  • My Professor's take on my Spanish test and my Spanish speaking abilities: "This is Spitalian!"
  • Dear White American Male Forefathers: I no longer want to be blamed for your transgressions. I will now be considered an Off-White Am Male
  • I feel there is something fundamentally wrong when I buy my milk at Whole Foods only for the purpose of making Kraft Mac and Cheese.
  • New air-freshener: Franks Red Hot + Stove Top Burner
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