Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stinky Weed

I was riding around the city checking my sites today when I was riding through the Backbay/Southend/Roxburry/Dorchester corner of the city (very interesting area). Anyway, I am riding down the street and suddenly "BAM!" (A little old Batman graphic for you there) I smell weed and I am in the middle of the street and there is no idling hot box of a car around and I know I wasn't smoking weed. So I come to a abrupt stop and look around because come on, it's 11:00 in the morning, it's broad daylight, cops are in this area all the time and last time I checked it still is illegal to smoke weed (that is till Mr. Patrick and the rest of the MA government apply some signatures to a said piece of legislation). I'm looking around and I spotted the perpetrators (brave souls, common protestors, apathetic citizens, or morons) A big black guy and a hefty white woman and they are just staring at me holding a joint between the two of them, I stare back in disbelief, and they continue staring blankly at me (either high, confused, or both). It took me a moment to shake myself out of it and keep going.

I guess this isn't weird I mean I smell weed all the time, from dorm rooms, my neighbors upstairs, while I walk on the sidewalk. But for each of those they are at least trying to be discreet about it, even the random guy walking down the street smoking is at least a moving target, not a sitting duck on the sidewalk in broad view of an intersection. It was just something I have never seen.

You can now go back to your daily lives.

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