Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Guy

I have posted a couple times on Twitter about this all ready but some times 140 characters just doesn't get the point across.

Well there is a guy who sits two cubicles away from me and for the past 5 months he has been a fairly loud individual always on the phone, doing work, sounds like what he is doing is fairly important. Anyway it sounds like what he has been working on is coming to a head finally because for the last couple days he has been constantly on the phone drumming up for his project, of which I know nothing.

The thing is this guy has perplexed me since the day I got here. The office is split into two factions primarily Compliance (my department) which houses 5 people, and the Engineers which make up the rest of the floor. But this guy seems to answer and work with no one. I think I have figured out all the important people who work on this floor, the people who call the shots and tell the underlings what to do, but he is a lone wolf. No one ever really talks to him, or comes to his cubicle to tell him things like they do me and the others around me, but he also doesn't go tell other people what to do, such as my boss Trish and the top engineers.

Regardless of my lack of knowledge on his actual job title or description the man is planning something and something big, and it seems only I am aware of this. He keeps using words like "bodies" and "imperative" and phrases like "they won't know what hit them". I mean this could just be for a big meeting with the BRA brass but I'm thinking he is calling up all his agents for an attack of some kind, and if the NSA won't tap his phone then I will have to do it myself! I'm going to go crouch by his cubicle and peer in using a mirror, wish me luck!

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