Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Think I Like Twitter

I finally gave in and tried Twitter out the other day (probably the reason why I have started blogging again) and I think I may like it. Beyond the egotistical want to have people look at something you write (of which I am incredibly guilty) I like the idea that I have a way to put my thoughts down and then in the future come back to them and look at them (and maybe expand it into a blog post). Yes I could keep a journal, yes I could simply just hand write things out, but there is something about the sharing with others and the chance that someone may comment on my thoughts and in turn create another thought (i know two thoughts!).

Anyway I may end up hating Twitter for some unknown reason in the future but as of right now its a good way to just get ideas out and expand my mind. We shall revisit this later I am sure.

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