Monday, December 1, 2008

A Missed Opportunity for an Epic "Running Diary"

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Chuck Turner (pictured above) did not get his meeting today, which means no suit for me as well as not being subject to a berating by a City Councilman looking to deflect any and all media attention away from his impending FBI investigation.

All in all I think it would have been fun. I would not have said much, if anything because of my status as an intern and little to no understanding of the inner workings of City Hall Politics but it still would have been enjoyable to be in a room with big Whigs again (Big Whig meeting #1 run down to be post in the future).

Not only that but I would love to be in the presence of Chuck Turner, as a political junky he fascinates me. A man who is openly characterized as not fit for his job by the media and is constantly harassed for his appearance and Race mongering I would just really like to know what makes him tick.

There could possibly be a meeting before I leave my position in a month but I highly doubt there will be, at least not until a new City Council President is sworn in and Chuck's legal matters are dealt with. I leave it to the next Co-op to have all the fun.

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