Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3+3=6 not 5 and You're a White Guy

Funny little story from getting the numbers at Parcel 18.

Dan and I are doing the rounds getting the numbers and everything is going well when we get to ML Paint and ask for the numbers.

Dan: How many you got on the job today.

Foreman: 5

Dan: How many Boston residents?

Foreman: 3

Dan: How many resident minorities?

Foreman: 3

Dan: How many females?

Foreman: 1

Dan: How many non-resident minorities?

Foreman: 3

At this point Dan and I share a quizzical look. Some quick math would bring us to the total number being at least 6 (3 minority residents and 3 non-resident minorities is at least six people and thats not including any white guys on the job this foreman being one of them)

Dan: You sure those are right?

Foreman: Yep

Dan: 5 total, 3 resident all minorities, 1 woman, 3 non-minority residents

Foreman: Yep

Dan after glancing over at me again: That's at least 6.

Foreman: Oh and there is me!

Let the record show that this man is as white as a white guy can be so this does not solve the number conundrum that he has presented. At this point the conversation became so confusing that it was best to just quit before he changed the woman to a white person and really fuck up the numbers.

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