Monday, April 20, 2009

The Underlings Guide to the ABC's - Ii

It's been a while (2.5 months) since the letter "H" was given his due so we decided that it was time to give I his time in the spot light so he will finally stop calling me and asking when he can expect to see it.

Well this egotistical, self centered son of a bitch insists on being capitalized every time, without fail, that he is found by himself. Part of that time he looks to appear as though he were a lower case "L". I for one do not approve. I mean who gave him the right? Not I, that is for sure. The word "me" is not capitalized and it has pretty much the exact same meaning. There shall be justice, justice in the form of finishing this entry here and now by me not I. Damn it, I meant not I but me.

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