Friday, April 17, 2009

This Week's Hefty Helping of Little Grumblings: 4/10 - 4/16

I realize that my previous post was also an aggregation of the last week's Tweets, for the fact that they now share each others cooties I am deeply sorry. But in my defense I have been busy with work, papers, finals, the return of a girlfriend from a foreign land and this thing called springtime. I hope to bring you something next week, but I can promise nothing, I hope you understand. Until then here is this weeks little grumblings. Enjoy.

And as always the ones that are not witty I did not write.
  • Ummmm I am beyond infuriated right now. (this tweet and the next few tweets were in reference to the drastic cuts proposed by the MBTA in order for them to meet their budget deficit. Yes I understand that this is a scare tactic, I am a polisci major after all, but the fact that they are threatening cuts at all and not focusing on paring back benefits and firing those who got us into this mess is appalling.)
  • Some of these comments on the T service cuts are great: "So are we planning on legalizing drunk driving so Sox fans can get home?"
  • "I travelled all over the world and consider the public transit systems in some 3rd world countries to be superior than the T" I vote Cairo.
  • "I can't tell you how much money I dumped into cabs because I missed the 12:30 AM train."
  • "What are all those lazy BU students going to do when those stops on the B line 100 feet from each other are closed?" Oh and Fuck BU. (On the topic of BU I would like to say to all of you people who root for simply the "Boston" schools in college sports do not use that argument with a BC, BU or Northeastern student. This is like Yankees/Red Sox, UNC/Duke to us, we hate each other and the fact that you can root for one or the other just because of the location is a ghastly and indefensible thought to us all.)
  • "The T's like my deadbeat best friend. You can't stand him, he asks WAY too much of you, but you just can't do without the comedic relief."
  • "Massachusetts = Connecticut" That is without the standard of living they enjoy.
  • Cut public transport + We all buy cars + Install $10 tolls every mile on every road in MA = Mass Master Plan
  • If I can't sleep at night then my cat will not sleep during the day. That will teach her not to play with bottle caps on tile for 2 hours...
  • I just used the word "fashionista" in a paper for the first time. The feeling I got from typing it was far less exhilarating than I thought. (This paper ended up not being due for another week, fashionista will probably be edit ted out upon further review)
  • Judging by the amount of people here today about 1/3 of my Global Climate Change class has not been attending regularly this semester.
  • Climate Change Prof: "US not joining Kyoto was reasonable because of the non-participation by China and India." I like this guy. (Stemming from this I had a debate with Daniel who is of the opinion that the US not signing Kyoto was a missed opportunity on our part to show the world that we mean business. Though I agree that such a signing would have shown the world that we meant business and I am saddened that we did not seriously propose a different plan, I believe that had we signed Kyoto all that would have resulted would have been a greater loss of jobs and industry on the part of the US to China and India, a hit to the economy as well as no actual effect on the Climate what so ever [not to mention the ratification by the sentence would not have happened with the lobbying of Unions on democrats and the lobbying of big business on Republicans]. What needs to happen is a gradual easing into restriction on CO2 and other green house gases in order to not cause a backlash by the American public.)
  • Spanish Prof: "I'm glad to see someone doesn't like me and wants me fired."
  • Spanish Prof: "If I don't correct this final you will all fail"
  • Jack Sparrow is not going away anytime soon. (Pirates are fun news stories because no one can keep the article serious thanks to the romanticism of pirates by Hollywood)
  • Dear FB Friend-finder: If I didn't friend them the first time or even the second time, I'm not going to friend them the next 5 times either.
  • PS I don't like Taylor Swift or Usher if I did they would be in my "Favorite Music" section you had me fill out all ready.
  • Fairly certain that when a group of protesters throw Molotov cocktails at troops with rifles that they are pretty pissed off about something. (This was in reference to the protests happening in Thailand right now for which I read the line "Protesters throwing Molotov cocktails were met with heavy resistance by troops armed with automatic rifles" in a NYT article. Got me thinking, what on earth would motivate me to throw a bottle of flaming gasoline at a man with a very large gun? Now you have to take into effect that I can not throw very far and that a trained police officer can hit a target from a good distance. With that being said I do not think anything short of my life or the life of the people I love being threatened would cause me to put myself at such a risk. Which leads me to believe that anyone who throws a Molotov Cocktail clearly has some valid concerns and you should probably sit down and discuss them.)
  • In professor Portz's defense it's hard to issue a grade for a presentation that he was not awake for.
  • "Sent at 4:26 AM: Your time sheet is delinquent. Please complete it and submit it immediately." Gene you workaholic you. (One of my bosses for Intramural Sports and Northeastern, he likes collecting rare coins and apparently doing payroll at the wee hours of the morning)
  • Yes he hit you, I saw that, but what made you think it was OK to punch him in the face? (There was an incident in the Roller Hockey Championship which involved a player taking matters into his own hands and laying a kid out, the kid who was placed on the floor in such a physical manner decided to retaliate by throwing his hands at the back of the other players head. Now I get that it was a chump move to hit the kid and yes I may have beat the shit out of the kid if it had been me but what I don't get is how the players think I should not call it a penalty. If I let the game go on someone will kill that boy!)
  • Minor freak-out when I saw "Subway" charges on my CC. Thought I was sleep-eating shitty food. No it was just overpriced public transport.
  • Why does one need an assault rifle? It's called "hunting" not "assaulting".
  • is not bored enough to rate his five favorite cheeses, but thanks for asking Facebook.
  • I don't care if he is real or not. RT @Steve_Buscemi: is definitely an're either an assman or a dumbass man.
  • Butterscotch, Cafe Latte or Vanilla? Oh and I like saying Vanilla with a Spanish accent.
  • When I was a robber, in Boston Place! (Anthology version of Hey Jude, just listen to it)
  • Me: United is going to charge fat people twice to fly. Katy: Good I hate flying next to fat people.
  • We need to develop a way to transfer information to one's brain. I want to learn Spanish in a matter of minutes like Neo learns Kung Fu. (I did not do well on my Spanish test btw)
  • I have been saying Texas should secede for years! Why when someone who likes Texas says it is it a valid argument?
  • John Madden is gone, now if only we could get rid of Joe Morgan....
  • One question, what IS the redneck solution? RT @trent_reznor: Making sure you cant feel TOO good about being American
  • Go ahead and try Texas, but in the end I think you might prefer to pay the taxes.
  • Having jeans with holes in them does not make you look cool, it makes you look poor. Though it does make you sound saint like.
  • I hate tests
  • "FOXNEWS RATINGS SURGE ON PROTEST COVERAGE" Drudge headline, and we wonder why Fox news is not a credible news source. (It was a political ruse on the part of Republicans to make it look like people are angry about taxes on the rich that are in fact lower than when Ronald Reagan was President, non-story)
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