Friday, April 10, 2009

This Weeks Hefty Helping of Little Grumblings: 4/3 - 4/9

This week we here at Grumbling of an Underling are changing things up a bit. What's going to happen is that the little grumblings will be fed steroids once a week, meaning that most of the little grumblings will come with extra thoughts (marked in read) and a link or two. The reasons for this are: 1. I started using Twitter to publish quick thoughts that I might expand on later, this is my actually implementing the second part of that, 2. Katy came home Monday night and because of that I have not been writing which leads in to 3. Classes are ending, Easter is here and I won't have time to write and I feel bad giving you just Tweets that I have already posted on Twitter.

That being said I plan on continuing this each week and if there is a better format than posting my extra thoughts in read leave it in the comment section. Enjoy.

And as always the ones that are not witty I did not write.

  • I was stupid in thinking that there would be no line at Umberto's at noon. Shame on me, I should know better. (Galleria Umberto's is the best place for lunch, and no I will not take your questions or comments)
  • I would have had my own personal backstage "tour" of the moe. set if I had only not looked confused as to where the box office was. Damn. (Confession, I don't listen to moe.)
  • 1 Shift remaining
  • I am no longer employed by Borders Inc. (More on this here)
  • Opens Door:"Wow it smells nice in here........aww shit I left the candle burning all day again!" Luckily I had an apartment to come home to. (I did this again two days later)
  • Kevin thinks he is getting sick, his solution? Mac and Cheese.
  • How does one seek sanctions against a country that's biggest business is making homemade rockets? (At what point do we say enough is enough in regards to North Korea, and no I do not mean bomb the shit out of them because we all know you can't draw blood from a stone. What I mean is why don't we just ignore them, they shoot off a rocket that fails miserably we act like nothing happened. Until they pull something off that works North Korea is dead to me, you hear me? DEAD!)
  • Seth Rogan can't act. He can giggle, Mumble thoughts to himself and shout about his feelings to others. It must be the hair. (Thanks to Bill Simmons and his explanation that all Romantic Comedies follow the same basic plot line [funny parts - the romantic problem - the dramatic reunion - less funny parts] Zach and Miri Make a Porno was the first of many romantic comedies that I will not be able to enjoy.)
  • New personal record 48.6 MPG. (I deliberately stayed below 15 MPH for the last part of my ride back to the lot just so the gas motor would not engage. Why? I have not idea)
  • "Family Size" Cheez-It box? More like "Kevin Size" Cheez-It Box.
  • Who when Coke is on sale for 10 for $10 actually buys 10? This guy.
  • God do I love All Girl Swedish Rock bands. Jens has been replaced in the "will travel anywhere to see perform" category by Sahara Hotnights
  • If Panda's are too stupid to procreate why are we trying to save them? Charles Darwin is rolling over in his grave right now. ("Cute & Cuddly" is not a valid argument)
  • If action movies have taught me anything it is not to press the red button. Then why did I just press the red button on my security system?
  • Where is my neighbor going at 5 AM? Better question: Why am I awake? (Our neighbor is an enigma, it is known that she owns both a red jacket and a lighter green jackeyt, she comes and goes at all hours of the day and night, occasionally has small children over, and cooks heavily spice laden food. All this is known from looking through the peep hole.)
  • You can't record a hip-hop song, put guitar and drums to it and then call it Rock. I'm looking at you Lil Wayne.
  • I shave because I have to, not because I want to.
  • After this Sunday I see no reason why I should shave. This could be bad. (Katy has since informed me that such a policy shift towards shaving would be detrimental to my administration on other fronts.)
  • Climate Change Prof: People who buy Hybrids hardly ever recoup the premium they paid for them in the first place.
  • Climate Change Prof: The benefits of installing solar panels in your home is negligible if not a negative.
  • My climate change professor = Debbie Downer
  • Green Peace guy, I get it u want my $ to stop baby seal clubbing. What u don't know is that that $ went towards the purchase of a seal club.
  • Dear NBA Executives, I have since declared myself eligible for the NBA draft. (Why can't I opt out of the rest of my college career and get paid millions of dollars to play basketball. Yes I am a terrible basketball player but the point is I have paid, or will pay, for my education and I will not be awarded a multi-million dollar contract. Not fair, and don't give me that life is not fair bullshit because I know it isn't but I still can grippe about it on the internet.)
  • Tostitos "Now with 20% more!" Yeah, 5% more chips and 15% more air.
  • Kevin will learn the piano this summer. Crisis averted. (You can thank Ben Folds)
  • Apparently as a blogger I don't have to backup my claims factual evidence. So all those justifications for the invasion of Canada were 4 not.
  • "with" is the key word missing from that last tweet. You figure out where it goes
  • Screen-Dropping: (v) The act of observing the computer activity of an individual in front of you. "I was screen-dropping her buying shoes"
  • Using a big word in a sentence & then explaining that word in the same breath makes you a condescending asshole. "the nadir, the bottom...."
  • 24 hour news networks make for gutless, boring, fake political candidates and makes their mistakes 6 years down the road even more shocking.
  • Tweet Deck, if you don't have it I suggest you get it.
  • I wish I loved life as much as the keyboardist from The Faint does. (Let's just say his chief concern for the night was not playing the keyboard)
  • Climate change Prof: "Your fridge will be connected to the Internet and will be controlled by the power company server" Oh the possibilities
  • Climate Change Prof: "Driving on your cell phone, even with a hands free device. = Driving drunk"
  • North Korea has a Parliament? Why?
  • New Rule: You can't complain about me not reffing a game seriously when you don't take it serious enough to show up to your games.
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