Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Easy (but probably not probable) Being Green: Deriving Power From Headlights via Squinting

Welcome back green energy enthusiasts, I hope you enjoyed last weeks post on revolving doors. I have yet to hear back from the President-Elects Office but I'm sure after the transition my ideas will become a top priority. In slightly less mind blowing news, but an ego boost nonetheless, if you search "Kevin Doyle Green" in google this blog is the first to come up. Though it does not help the fact that people continue to think that I am a Professor on Green Energy but still the unintentional page views are much appreciated.

But enough about me, let's talk about my visions! Today I have decided to bring you an idea from my 5 year old self who is sitting right next to me, I would have him type it out for you but he only uses two fingers when he types and keeps asking for Skittles, so instead I am translating his mumbling into words for you. What we will be talking about today is the ability to draw energy from car headlights by squinting. Yes believe it or not it is possible, I just have to find a way to prove it.

It's simple really, all you need to do is take a ride on the highway (freeway to some) at night and when you see oncoming headlights, squint. I do suggest though for your own safety and for the safety of those around you you probably should not be the one driving.

As I was saying, all you need to do is squint and you will see the beams of light coming towards you, see it? Good.

My younger self informs me that I (he?) used to do this on long rides home from my Nana's house in Framingham in order to keep myself awake. Apparently it wasn't the fact that my head hurt from the light or the way I was screwing up my eyes that kept me awake. In actuality it was the small solar panels found behind ones eyes that drew energy from these beams and transfered them into brain waves that kept me awake. Mind blowing stuff isn't it? Who would have thought that me as a 5 year old would have figured this out before everyone else?

Now the only flaw in this plan is there is no way to harness this energy but I will leave that to the real scientists of the world, or if you know how feel free to post it in the comments section. Until then I will continue to power my own body as should you!

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