Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grumblings of a Losing Liberal

Unless you live under a rock, which who knows there are some pretty nice rocks out there (the Harvard Museum has a whole bunch that I would be honored to live under), then you know that the great Commonwealth (of which there are only four, first one to names the other three in the comments section gets a prize) of Massachusetts elected a new Junior Senator who hails from Wrentham. He goes by the name Scott Brown and he looks like (only click the following if you want to see a sexy, but lightly clothed, Massachusetts man) this.

I did not vote for Scott Brown. Katy did not vote at all because she is currently in a country that does not allow people to vote.

I also have something they call a twitter, which if you dont follow (it's OK I forgive you) then you will find these Tweets to be new and maybe funny? I was hoping that I would be posting these as a "What If?" post but alas I live in a Commonwealth (of which there are only four) of slightly mentally impaired individuals.

But I digress.

To the Tweets!

  • I may have been lying when I said I wasn't worried.
  • I feel like tonight's election night coverage is going to be a prize fight, I am that nervous/excited.
  • I'm useless @ work right now, need to go vote & then head home to refresh Drudge 2848929 times, infuriating myself @ his bias in the process.
Scott Brown wins.
  • Like it or not. That's Democracy, and that's America.
  • Looks like it's time to roll out my new SN IAmAntiSBrown (for those of you who don't know my old (and still current SN is IAmAntiGWBush I was just looking for an excuse to change it). What? I made it months ago.....
  • Our long Commonwealth nightmare is over! Now he's a full blown National nightmare!
  • Well at least he's good looking.
  • I always wanted a porn star for a Senator.
  • Filibuster fans the world over watched in horror as the final nail that is Scott Brown was affixed to the coffin.
  • If there is one positive I can take away from today is that Scott Brown will never allow for a tax on my Coca Cola. No sir.
  • All jokes aside, congrats Scott Brown, I never thought I would troll on Facebook this much just to laugh at your supporters.
  • Between Scott Brown winning and Conan being kicked off the tonight show, what's a trendy person to do?
  • "If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain." Winston Churchill
  • Therefore all elected Democrats have no brains. How is that not the Republican attack line? If only I had no heart I would rule the world.
  • Where are the birthers on Scotty he doesn't look a day past 17.
  • What did you expect? You know only rich people can afford umbrellas.
  • Thanks for playing Folks! Don't forget to pick up your new cute, cuddly, and slightly "special", Junior Senator from MA on your way out!
Bonus tweet!
  • Roast-beef sandwiches are delicious, but a little less so when your Junior Senator is named Scott Brown.
[Crickets Chirping]

What not funny?


  1. How did I manage to make it into this post?

  2. After Googling it, I found that Kentucky and Pennsylvania are the other two Commonwealths. I would have guessed Virginia, which is still listed as a Commonwealth even though it is now known as a state. Yes, I might have cheated but at least I admitted it.

    I enjoyed the birther tweet quite a bit.