Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Overzealous Christmas Gift or a Problem?

Tonight the clerk at the Choice Liquors waved off my ID and said "I know you".

In Fridge:

Dundee Honey Brown: 12
Sea Dog Blue Paw: 12
Hoegaarden: 15
Harpoon UFO: 6
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat: 4
Young's Double Chocolate Stout: 2
Boddington's: 4
Long Trail Blackberry Wheat: 8
Stella: 1
Magner's Irish Cider: 6
Delerium Tremens: 3

That's 71 beers for those of you scoring at home.


  1. The best part is the 47 that will be left on December 26th. That's what I call a Merry Christmas!

  2. That's incredible. My mom says she'll have beer waiting for you next November, but probably not in such great quantities.

  3. Dude, just to letcha know. I'm having a BIG-OL party Upstairs celebrating our resurrection on my drawbridge lasting for who knows how long. Won't you join us? You're all invited. God bless.