Friday, October 9, 2009

No, Thank You.

Since I was a small child my mother required of my brothers and I that we write thank you notes whenever we were given a gift or a some of money. It would take weeks of constant nagging and threats to get us to write them, it was like pulling teeth. As a result of all those years of writing I have since come to the conclusion that if you are going to write a Thank You Note you might as well make it interesting and memorable. So here I present for your perusal a few notes I wrote in thanks to my family for cutting me a check that I promptly turned around and paid off some debt with. Enjoy.

It should be noted that my Nana is not a fan of President Obama and wrote of such fact in her card to me. Just some perspective.


  1. That's fucking hilarious. I still haven't written thank you notes for graduation... fuck. Is it too late now?

  2. Daniel - I think it might be a little late.

    Kevin - As a recent graduate you should know that truly has no "e" in it.

  3. Kevin, You have a career path right in front of you: you could be a thank you note ghost writer. Pimp yourself out -- those debts will be history in no time! Love, Marlene

  4. Daniel - it's not too late, I just sent one last week (albeit it was from Thailand, the exoticness of which I'm hoping will offset its belated reception).

    Kevin - truley has an "e" in it if you want it to! Don't be a filthy conformist! Spelling is for sissies.

    Katy - hugs & kisses ;)

  5. You are ridiculous. I would smack you if I were Grammy or nana. But after a hearty laugh