Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sir, have you been Tweeting this evening?

After evaluating the Twitter pages of a few funnymen I have come to the conclusion that I Tweet a little too erratically and use it like an instant messenger (which believe it or not existed before Twitter! I know!). So I have decided to cut back on the Tweets and make them a bit more comprehensive (as comprehensive as one can be in 140 characters) and with some substance to them. Of course I can not be beholden to this statement, because if I was then that would allow you to call me a liar in a couple days time when I Twitter about how I hate broomball. But just act like I mean what I say.

Carry on!


  1. You blog erratically. Why not just condense this post to 140 characters and tweet it?

  2. My tweets have as little substance as possible. It's mostly just my way of publicly complaining.

  3. In fact, here, I'll do it for you:

    Starting now: I only make humorous tweets of substance.

    There. And you still have 84 characters free for a possible link, picture, example of non-erratic humorous tweet...

  4. I hate when couples twit at each other. for example this is what two people who I know are dating said to each other the other day, thus crowding out the witty and more meaningful tweets.

    Whaler : BLUCK my tummy is still mad at me for eating frozen Brussel sprouts last night.

    Enderbean 21 : @TheWhaler :(

    Whaler: dear skin: please behave. I don't want to have to peel you off and buy a new face.

    Enderbean21: @TheWhaler Don't I like your face sweetie! You are beautiful .

    Then I promptly corrected them with a huge

    LucyFitzgerald : Kill yourselves.