Friday, December 19, 2008

Top Five: Belgian Beers

The first top five was a great success. Well we hope it was because in actuality I have no idea how many of you liked it. Regardless because of it's possible success, my day off and the fact that Katy finally found a picture of my favorite Belgian beer we now have a new Top Five (I'm thinking this will become weekly, biweekly, or monthly)! Today's is Top Five Belgian Beers!

Because I am obviously the go to authority for everything Belgian I thought I would bring you my top five beers which are obviously the undisputed top five Belgian beers there are.

1. Maes also known as Campus (pictured above)

- Some may think it tastes like throw up but I disagree, and it is the beer of choice at De Girafe, my favorite Leuven bar!

2. Lambic Geuze

- I know what you are thinking, only a real man drinks Lambic, well you are absolutely correct in that assumption. Though this Lambic is like no other, it tastes like iced tea and not anything like an alcoholic beverage (no it wasn't actual iced tea, though I can not prove it). And it is brewed and served exclusively at Bécasse in Brussels.

3. Stella Artois

- The juggernaut and the only Belgian beer I knew before I went there. I love it. If not only for the fact that in the States its a fancy beer in a green bottle with a white paper top and in Belgium it is considered quite literally to be a "shit beer" or "Pintjes"

4. Jupiler

- I first came in to contact with Jupiler at about 10 AM on a train ride to Bruges. I was offered a seat by a few French Belgians who went on to preach of how "Jupiler" (A heavy accent on the end of the word I was told juPILER!) was in fact the best beer in the world. They offered me one out of their backpack and then another one when they disembarked from the train. It must be noted that Jupiler is cheaper than Stella and can be purchased in cans out of vending machines throughout Belgium. Delicious, yes. "Best beer in the world?" I think not.

5. Delirium Tremens

- This is a place holder until I can determine what other beer I enjoyed should go here. But it is a worthy place holder with a 9% alcohol tag and what my Taxi driver from the airport says were "Pink elephants on the glasses that when they start dancing you know you have had too many?"

As always you are encouraged to submit your own top 5.

Beers that will never appear on this list

-Hoegaarden (Who-garden)


  1. 1. Hoegaarden
    2. Lambic Gueuze
    3. Vedette
    4. TimmermansLambic Pêche
    5. Maes (for when a Pintjes is all that is affordable)

  2. Slightly disturbed by your list. Enough so that I felt the need to comment and "dispute" it.

    I can't comment on Lambic Geuze since I've never had it (though I think Lindeman's makes the best lambic beers) and agree with you on Stella Artois and Delirium Tremens. I will let Maes slip by because it wasn't the worse but not my favorite, but JUPILER!? Yes, vending machine beer will always be a fond memory for me, but only for it's accessibility, not taste.

    Without further ado my most likely disputer Top 5 Belgian beers in no particular order are:

    1. Delirium Nocturnum - slightly better than Tremens and still packs an enormous punch to your liver.

    2. Hoegaarden - this is the Maes of my list. Warning to all cocktail servers and bartenders. Stay away from the lemons and oranges! I'm not interested.

    3. Grimbergen Dubbel - will never know if this accidentally mixed with Mort Subite Kriek that destined first tasting, but I've dreamt about it ever since.

    4. Leffe Radieuse - didn't get to drink this as much as I'd liked because of the price tag, but I enjoy the entire family of Leffe beers.

    5. Stella Artois - obvi will always have a special place in my stomach.

    With all of that said, to each his/her own. Also, If you and Katy are interested I'm going to try and get a group to attend the Beer Summit Winter Jubilee in a few weeks. The tickets are $40 for one night for 60 Brewers, 200+ beers and live music. Grimbergen and Carlsberg are among the brewers. I'm even considering getting the $100 season pass.

    Check it out:

  3. Maes was good because it was cheap and we could get drunk easily. Jupiler I honestly disliked unless I had already had a few beers beforehand. Delirium doesn't make my list. I liked Duvel and I really enjoyed Leffe Bruin.